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Copy & Paste
07 May / 23:30 - 01:00

Copy & Paste, the wacky Electro-Trash-Pop duo from Switzerland, beats the punk out of their synthesizer and enhances 80s-synth-pop with a good pinch of humour. Once members of a punk rock band, the wild pop-duo is today one of the most authentic elements of style and taste within the contemporary Bern music scene. They already proved this with their first release “Disco Romance”. With the new EP “Itʼs Ok If Itʼs You” they made yet another rapid step forwards. Mainly handmade music and hefty tunes are on top of their list. Always with a nicely exhilarating voice; always with a good deal of oomph in the beats; yet accompanied by playful melodies that are hard to remove from your ear channel. Whatever Mischu (Copy) Loosli conjures up from his many gadgets delights ear and heart likewise. Their music inheres happiness and serenity and yet doesnʼt sound mundane. Ironic style-breaks are served in refreshing intervals in the form of disharmonies, wacky beats, sudden stops or trashy overworked melodies. In addition to this, there is Cheyenne (Paste) Mackay Loosliʼs somewhat wacky and sometimes mental singing that blends seamlessly into the synthetic soundscapes.