Music & Extra


08 May
Incubate is a festival that celebrates independent culture every year. The diverse view on music, contemporary dance, film and visual arts offers a rich palette of cutting-edge artists. In September 2010, the city of Tilburg will host more than 200 acts ranging from electronic music to free jazz and street art to academic dance. To name but a few of the 2009 festival acts, visual art was performed by Hermann Nitsch and a wide range of young talents. Liselotte de Groot is one of them. She, now a photographer focusing on modern pop culture, started her career as a DJ. The music programmes were equally up-to-date and varied, offering acts like young dubstep and grime masters Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap and ghettotech prince JD Umb, who set the floor afloat with heavy bass sounds from all four corners of the space, while at another venue the death metal band Nox from The Hague was grinding hard on stage. Next to the screenings, exhibitions, performances and concerts, Incubate also hosted thought-provoking lectures about innovation in the cultural territory. On 8th May, Incubate is to curate one of the stages of Europe Mania festival, offering a musically fresh section of the Dutch project to the visitors, including Coco Bryce, Sonido del Principe, JD Umb, Globalibre, and Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap. Together with them, dance company Fragmenta, a special poster project and Rotterdam video artist Hester Scheurwater will come to Pécs.