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Rock Academy

07 May - 08 May
The Rock Academy is Europe's first Bachelor of Pop Music Institute, founded in 1999. Located in Tilburg in the Netherlands, the Academy educates young musicians and prepares them for a professional career in the international pop music industry. The four-year programme enables students to develop themselves in the fields of performance, songwriting, production and sound-engineering, management and teaching. As of 2010 the Rock Academy will play a major role in the Dutch music industry as a talent pool and centre of information and networking.

A few bands nurtured at the Academy (Double H, Marlon Penn, Kroons) will perform at Europe Mania giving an insight into the quality education programme running there.

Rocksuli, the only rock music school in Hungary run by an NGO - in the city of Debrecen - has hundreds of students learning from well-trained teachers. As a result of a co-operation programme with Rock Academy, groups will play live at the festival as Hungarian examples of modern musical education.