Interview with Márk Lakatos

At Europe Mania festival, Chicks on Speed will start playing at 19.15 on 7th May. Stylist Márk Lakatos, who designs costumes for contemporary theatre productions and writes a blog on, is the greatest fan of the German band. We, besides talking, invited him to come to Pécs and spend an hour with his idols. 

- Why do you like Chicks on Speed? 

- It is an old love affair, although only Platonic. Many years ago, I was impressed by their lunatic video We don't play guitars!, and I have been an addict ever since. I dig the band because they are breath-taking, anti-mainstream, extremely cool and madly funny at the same time. Lovebite rocks!!!

- Any other plans for the festival?

- Quimby and Le Corps Mince de Francoise!!!

- What would you change about their image if you were their stylist? 

- Let us enlist the names first: Max Kibardin, Ari Fish, Peggy Noland and Kathi Glas. Full respect! I would not change a bit. Just check the collections. 

- How would you spend a night with them? 

- When we invited them to play at the ice rink in City Park a while ago, they sent us a shocking wish list. They wanted to have sewing machines made in a certain period and several other items like that on the stage, accompanied by champagne and things. I think these are the types of means that guarantee a great party. I can even imagine a large-scale event at the KitKat in Berlin. 
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